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Aeration for Dams and Water Tanks

Air Support

Air or additional oxygen can be introduced to assist treating water, by aeration of compressed air methods into a pipeline, water tank or dams.  We use it where composite problems exist in a water supply such as iron and hydrogen sulphide gas.

Air is often essential in a tank treatment process using chlorine initially.  It will improve the performance and distribution, then help break down the chlorine when the job is done, particularly rainwater tank disinfection.

Aeration alone in water tanks, dams or contained body of water is extremely efficient in dealing with a wide variety of problems. 

Aeration machine is capable of introducing 160-250 litres per minute of air into any body of or storage of water. Equipment has many applications from water treatment to mixing.  Simply hand in the treatment tank, which can be any storage tank.

Aeration for Water Tanks Eco Stat

To obtain a quote please send us:

  • Water analyses report
  • Water volume requirement per a day or an hour
  • Bore details- Bore depths, water volume, pressures and drawdown level
  • If you don’t have any of the information above we can visit the site and perform all the necessary tests