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Desalination Units

Aquarius Desalination Plant

What makes us so different?

The Aquarius Desalination plants are very carefully designed, constructed, installed and commissioned.

The average bore water supply can present a lot of problems.  The most common problems to clean up are iron, manganese, silica and hardness.  We build our desalination plants to overcome all these issues that can destroy clean water production.

Modernised technology

We have removed all the old fashioned ideas of building these filtration plants to provide a very advanced and much more modern but simplified approach to be able to deal with salty bore water.

We use

  • High pressure twin industrial filter housings that do not crack
  • Accurate high performance string wound filters and pleated filters for good membrane protection.
  • Computer controlled easy prime chemical dosing pumps
  • High pressure flexible plumbing to prevent leaks and cut construction costs
  • Fibreglass high pressure membrane housings that are totally aggressive resistant
  • Special anti-fouling membranes for the worst water.
  • Electronic sensors to computer software thus avoiding pressure gauges
  • Digital displays that advise the current situation with the plant operation.
  • Compact with everything built into the size of a fridge.
  • Modem for remote control for status and operation.
  • Stylish and practical


High pressure, high performance filters and housings, offer absolute accuracy necessary in these clean water operations. 


Our anti-scalent chemical is designed to hold many of the nasties in water in an inert manner so that they can pass through the membrane without causing scale damage.

Summary of the plant

This plant is set up carefully to suit and meet the production needs of each person or water user bringing poor quality bore water up to the standard of each need.  These machines are built to last for many years along with the membranes.

We seek to make this process producing the quality of water sought as simple and as automatic as possible.  We do the hard work for you.


The Aquarius Desalination units design starts with a very comprehensive analysis report so that nothing is missed that could be a problem in the process.  We test for 59 items.  If iron and or manganese are detected, then it must be removed prior to the filters that come with the plant or they simply foul.