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Fluid Reactor

What is Magnetic Conditioning?

How does this occur?

A very powerful south-pole magnet is placed over a pipe carrying fluid and the energy from that magnet is induced into the passing fluid and held there as it moves on. 

Using a special process called Negative Diffusing Action only contained in the Australian built Fluid Reactor, the very focused and powerful positive energy, from only the magnetic south-pole, without north pole interference, successfully inducts all the power into the passing fluid or gas. 

Molecular Change

This absolutely prevents scale from naturally occurring as calcium carbonate, as calcium cannot reach the oxygen molecules necessary to form this compound.

What effect does this have?

The reactor will remove existing scale build-up from all plumbing equipment by re-dissolving the scale back to solution.  It releases the oxygen molecules from the calcium carbonate and makes the water more oxygen enriched.  Calcium and magnesium both become ions again and thus both are more available for use, not to cause the usual damage with staining, blocking up pipes and fittings.  It also prevents salinity!


This is the next critical step.  Although the Fluid Reactor is extremely powerful and very well developed, both installation and knowledge of the water supply being treated are both important.

Trained Technicians

It is essential that trained technicians install Reactors.


  • The need to pre-test most water supplies.
  • The setting up for installation.
  • The post-test procedure that must be applied.
  • Performance can then be guaranteed

How long do the units last?

Virtually forever. (Ten year manufacturers warranty is given)


No maintenance ever.

What we can offer what many others already enjoy!

Magnetic conditioning is not new and has been around for over 70 years, but.

  • The new Fluid Reactor has the sheer power,
  • The simplest, smallest and most advanced technology,
  • The unique installation and test technique
  • Is highly portable and compact
  • Tough and well built to last
  • An extremely low-cost and very effective solution

To obtain a quote please send us:

  • Water analyses report
  • If you don’t have any of the information above we can visit the site and perform all the necessary tests