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Iron Treatment

Bore Water Iron and Iron Bacteria Treatment

CIB treatment

Do you have a problem with a bore pump that blocks up with red mud like residue?  

Did the bore water supply have lost performance through the pump?

Both of these problems are caused by the iron, bacteria and calcium plugging the impellers of your pump and coating the inside of the plumbing and bore screens causing restrictions and flow failure.

There are a lot of chemical and non chemical based iron-calcium-bacteria treatments on the market.

Most of them, if not nearly all of the, are quite overpriced and many under-perform.

We now have a chemical that contains Acid as a base. The treatment is a powder that is quite powerful and is designed to re-dissolve calcium and brake the bond with the iron, kill the bacteria.

It will quite quickly clean up bore pumps, bore screens and plumbing if used as instructions. We have now used this product (CIB) on extensively over the years. It is low cost and very effective. 

This treatment may have to be applied at least annually and is generally a lot simpler and quicker the successive times applied.

You don’t need to pull your bore pump and pipe out of the bore any more.

To obtain a quote and instruction how to use the CIB please contact us.

We also can perform the CIB bore clean up service for you.