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ACD Dam Treatment


This is the simplest, longest lasting, most effective and safest product on the market to achieve the following

  • Algae free water  – all types of algae
  • Colour problems such as tannin and clay to drop out
  • Cut evaporation losses by up to 80 plus percent

So what is ACD? 

The abbreviation stands for Algae Control Dye.  It is a specific blend of food grade dyes to either totally or by degree, as required totally prevent or limit the amount of sunlight that enters the surface of any body of water that you wish to keep algae free, or prevent evaporation. This product was originally designed to control Blue Green Algae outbreaks in dams and reservoirs.  It is a specific blend of food grade colour dyes to completely stop the specific light spectrum from entering the body of water to be protected.


The concentrated dye is simply mixed onto the top surface of the water to be treated and it is then spread about the top surfaces and will hang, being a color and virtually weightless in the top surface of the body of water down to about a meter to ½ a meter depth depending on how much you apply and simply block sunlight from entering the water surface.

Evaporation and algae

When a body of water whether in a dam, lake or open topped storage is left open to the effects of sunlight, then the sun’s rays will readily enter that water surface and warm the top layers of the water.  Evaporation starts!

If this occurs when it is warm and the temperature increases, then the photo synthesis reaction of sunlight passing into that water supply will trigger algae development.

Algae, being a single cell life form will develop and split very quickly and this is called mitosis.  Cell division will continue as long as there is sunlight.  The hotter the weather – the faster the growth. 

The advantages of ACD

The ACD is very attractive as the water color treatment creates a beautiful blue finish.

  • It is relatively low cost
  • Immediately effective
  • Easy to apply
  • Lasts for up to three years
  • Totally safe to all fish, ducks –geese and aquatic life.

Another high performance water treatment product from our range of products designed to quickly solve problems.